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The story of the Little Windsor

The Little Windsor is situated at the eastern corner of the  T-junction of Myrtle and  Greyhound Roads, having been was built at the end of the 1800s as a public house serving the local community. This part of East Sutton, known as New Town contains a high number of churches and public houses, which possibly says something about the tastes and habits of folk in London and it's suburbs generally at that time.

One pub at the junction of Greyhound and Lind Roads took it's name from the area, The New Town, that is now a block of flats,

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13 Greyhound Road Sutton Surrey SM1 4BY

TEL: 020 8643 2574


Televised Football games

The Little Windsor shows a full itinerary of Premier League, Cup, European and International games.

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A History of Sutton

The History of Sutton from British History Online (a 1797 extract)

The name of Sutton, i.e. South-town, is common to many places in all parts of England, also Sudtone or Suthtone. This village is situated upon the road to Reigate, about eleven miles from Westminster Bridge. The parish lies in the hundred of Wallington, and is bounded by Carshalton towards the east; Morden towards the north; towards the west, by Cheam; and to the south, by Banstead.

Little Windsor Offers:  

£2 off a 4 pint jug of any draught beer or Lager and 5 bottles for the price of 4

Buy a bucket of bottled Budweiser or Becks, 5 bottles for the price of 4

Buy a bottle of wine for the price of 2 large glasses

Our seasonal Little Windsor Buffet has been extended for January 2019  

Visit the Little Windsor Food Page for full details

Please check this if you live within the areas affected by Sutton Council's Proposals to expand the Controlled Parking Zones

Please click here  to download a map showing the Sheet for your area, which

outlines the plans. If you need to learn more, please Click Here for a resident's site

revealing a few facts the Council don't tell us, for instance a Permit will not guarantee

a parking bay in your road, every Permit Holder in the the same zone will be entitled

to park in any Bay in that Zone, the Council's overview map shows just how many roads these

Zones cover. This is just the start, once complete they ill move on until all of the Borough is under occupation, regardless of whether Parking Controls are needed or not.

Please join the Residents' Facebook Group Controlled Parking Residents Parking Forum  and ad your comments, for or against the proposals. There is a Survey accessible from this Facebook Group, once you are a member, you can complete an impartial brief questionnaire.

Stage 2 in the process of the Proposals has now ended, the Council will now analyse the responses, and launch Stage 3 which will show their final plans, after which there will not be too long before implementation. The big question is how will they use our respones?

The Council's  claim to have mailed all those affected has been questioned by many so check their site.

PLEASE NOTE, This is a Borough-Wide Plan, once the current plans have been implemented they will start the process at Stage One  for the areas of the Borough so far unaffected, such as Cheam, Belmont and others.