A Gem of a Pub in Sutton

Monday 20th February

8pm Watford v West Brom

Tuesday 21st February

8pm Liverpool v Real Madrid

Wednesday 22nd February

8pm Leipzig v Man City

Thursday 23rd February

8pm Man Utd v Barcelona

Friday 24th February

8pm Fulham v Wolves

Saturday 25th February

5.30pm Bournemouth v Man City

7.45pm Palace v Liverpool

2.15pm Italy v Ireland

4.45pm Wales v England

Sunday 26th February

1.30pm Tottenham v Chelsea

3pm France v Scotland

Football on The TV

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Televised games

These are the games scheduled to be televised for season 2022-23


Match/Snack Menu

• Handheld Beef burger: £4:50

• Handheld Cheeseburger: £4.95

•8 Chicken Wings: £4.95

•Pork Sausages & Chips: £5.20

• Scampi & Chips: £5.95

• Cheesy Chips: £3.70


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